Thoughts On Tabletop Game Reviews

On thinking about Ttrpg game reviews and how to write them, I gravitated from a pure book review to a game review before deciding on an in-depth hybrid of the two. I researched other sites and surprisingly, the reviews I did encounter are just generic listings of the synopsis of the game followed by a listicle of facts. The market is lacking in quality long form reviews and platforms that would support them.


While book reviews can outline the specific storyline and game reviews can offer a close approximation of the game’s synopsis, reviews of role-playing games offer a completely different hurdle. Even in conventions, “the feel,” of the table varies greatly from table to table. How do I as the writer and reviewer effectively convey the feel and the framework of the game to the reader in a manner that lines up with an experience, they are interested in having?

How do I convey the genuine feeling of the game?

One of the things that makes reviews on ttrpg games difficult is finding the time to play the game. I believe playing the game is a keystone to effectively gauging the pros and cons of a particular game. Generally, I’ll strive to gauge a game from the perspective of both a player and a game master.

With that being said, I feel that a clear and concise review about a game’s positives and negatives is going to have a better impact on an audience than listicles and Uber niceties. This way readers can come to their own conclusions.






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  1. If a reviewer has taken the time and energy to use an RPG product, I’m already half-sold on the reviewer knowing what he’s doing. The rest is just biases… crunch vs rules-light, gritty vs whimsical, artsy vs plain Jane, etc.

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