Production Journal

When I was seven HBO released a teaser that aired before feature presentations. It was an aerial view of a miniature city, complete with running vehicles. I was enthralled and instantaneously hooked by the worlds of miniatures. To this day, I love to build terrain and landscapes for a wide variety of applications, including, TTRPG campaigns, model train layouts, slot car layouts, and recently I began building terrain scapes for films. I enjoy combining live action talent photography with physical miniatures enhanced with complex CG environments.

I created a few fantasy shorts, just little creative explorative endeavors. It wasn’t long before I realized that I could use the terrain pieces I created and the buildings I had printed to make my own films. Although I was missing one crucial piece in today’s video landscape. A green screen. After hours of internet research, I purchased a medium grade screen that had superior reviews.

The game was afoot, or so I thought.

I quickly realized that mastering light and shadow are imperative when filming with a green screen. Honestly, at first I was a little overwhelmed and frustrated. But I utilized YouTube, and I found numerous courses on green screens. After hours upon hours of doing it over and over, I have begun to understand the basics. Today, I can efficiently transfer an image of myself waving onto the balcony of a building, which I 3D printed onto a miniature landscape that I built. The young child and inner nerd in me is proud. Filming with a green screen is not the easiest thing, but the rewards can be watched for themselves. It is an amazing tool for a wide variety of applications and it’s uses are seen across multiple industries.

This week I begin work on a short introductory video introducing my Sorcerers on the Mountain webisode series. I’ve been trying to figure out how to introduce a fairy or gnome into a scene, and I’ve finally settled on utilizing forced perspective. I’ve posted a PDF of the script for the first episode, In to the Forest, below.

Stay tuned.





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